On the Homework. Please follow the following procedures:

  1. Your Name must be on every page. Along with the Date and Number of the Homework Assignment.
  2. When you switch to a new section (ex. from textbook questions to the problem, or the problem to the skills practice), start a New Page.
  3. For HW #1 and HW #2, if you receive a score you are unhappy with, you may resubmit to receive full credit back. On the Homework assignments after that, you may resubmit but are only eligible to receive up to 1/2 of the credit you lost. Please email Kathryn if you would like clarification. A detailed
  4. If you decide to re-do an assignment, please submit the new submission in a timely manner. All final assignments and re-submissions must be in our possession by Friday, August 1st, 2014. This is also the due date for your portfolio.